Whether you’re spending this Saturday cuddled up with your sweetie, or with yourself and lots of wine, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in some super sexy desserts.

1. Easy Chocolate Lava Cakes for 2

Does anything say “I love you” more than oozing chocolate? You can find out with just 25 minutes and 6 ingredients. Get the recipe here.

2. Mini Chocolate Strawberry Layer Cake

This cake is smaller than it appears! The base cake is only 6 inches, making this the perfect tiny treat that’ll still satisfy. Get the recipe here.

3. Salted Caramel Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries just got sexier. Feed these to your sweetie for an extra Happy V-Day. Get the recipe here.

4. Dreamy Chocolate Cupcakes

Say I love you with Dreamy Chocolate Cupcakes Filled with White Buttercream and Topped with Chocolate Ganache! Get the recipe here.

5. Frosted Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Brownies are even better when they’re covered in a smooth, creamy chocolate frosting. Get the recipe here.

6. Red Velvet Milkshakes

Prefer to drink your dessert? Sip on these sweet red velvet milkshakes (only 4 ingredients)! Get the recipe here.

7. Chocolate Nutella Mug Cake with Strawberries and Coconut Cream

Feeling a little lazy? You can still have dessert! Try this Chocolate Nutella Mug Cake with Strawberries and Coconut Cream. Get the recipe here.

8. Chocolate Souffle with Salted Caramel

This one is perfect for sharing (or eating alone…no judgment). Get the recipe here.

9. Raspberry Pavlova

Not a fan of chocolate? Indulge in this delicious Raspberry Pavlova. Get the recipe here.

10. Hazelnut Paleo Brownies for Two

Keeping it skinny this Valentine’s Day? Share this cute brownie skillet with your sweetie for a guiltless treat. It’s Paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and super simple to make. Get the recipe here.

11. Red Velvet Rose Cookies

Impress your darling with these beautiful Red Velvet Rose Cookies! Get the recipe here.

12. Fleur de Sel Caramel Brownies

They’re heart shaped! Because you’re in love…with sugar. Get the recipe here.

13. Grand Marnier Truffles

Give candy making a shot with these easy, boozy truffles. Get the recipe here.

14. Red Velvet Buttercream Rose Cake

For the fancy pants out there. Get the recipe here.

15. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dippers

This brilliance will make ANYONE love you. Get the recipe here.

16. Strawberry Cake for Two

This tiny strawberry cake for two was MADE for Valentine’s Day! Get the recipe here.

17. Valentine’s Day Gourmet S’mores

These Valentine’s Day s’mores will have ‘em saying gimme s’more! Get the recipe here.

18. Slow Cooker Chocolate Fondue

Melted chocolate can be all sorts of fun. Get the recipe here.

19. Heart Shaped Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

These cute heart cakes get drowned in decadent chocolate ganache. Yes please! Get the recipe here.

20. Nutella Stuffed French Toast with Macerated Strawberries

If you decide to spend the whole day in bed and have breakfast for dinner, you should have this. Get the recipe here.

21. Salted Caramel Filled Dark Chocolate Chunk Skillet Cookie

Grab a spoon and let chocolate and caramel be the star of your dreams tonight. Get the recipe here.

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/rachelc19/21-sexy-desserts-that-deserve-your-love-this-valen-4emp

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