• The Hilarious Hipster Classifieds You’ll (Probably) Never See Online
  • Birthday memorial held for New Mexico girl who was raped, killed
  • The fierce campaign food fight between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
  • Brexit may send EU ‘down the drain’ – German vice chancellor – BBC News
  • Here’s How The AP Should Have Written Its Hillary Clinton Article

The Hilarious Hipster Classifieds You’ll (Probably) Never See Online

Hardcore hipsters probably don’t use the internet. It’s far too mainstream. But imagine if they did! What would their classified ads be like? That lighthearted question was a hot Twitter topic over the weekend, as #HipsterClassifieds trended thanks to Seth Goodtime’s (@SethGoodtime) hashtag game, #TwoWeeksOfHashnight, hosted by Ronen P. (@BadRonen) and Kjerstin Krohn (@SwissMistress). Penny-farthing bicycles, a unicycle and an artisanal alarm clock (i.e. a cockerel) were all mockingly offered for sale or…


Birthday memorial held for New Mexico girl who was raped, killed

(CNN)Mourners held a “heavenly birthday” memorial Sunday for Victoria Martens, the 10-year-old New Mexico girl who Albuquerque police say was raped by her mother’s boyfriend and then killed while her mother watched. More than 2,000 people said earlier on Facebook that they planned to attend the gathering at an Albuquerque park for the girl that supporters called “Princess Victoria.”


The fierce campaign food fight between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton gets fresh tomatoes at Dimond Hill Farm in New Hampshire. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump eats a pork chop on a stick at the Iowa State Fair. Both candidates are using food to appeal to voters– in very different ways. (AP File Photo) We the people seem to have an insatiable appetite to know everything about our presidential candidates and that includes their eating habits.  Donald Trump and Hillary…


Brexit may send EU ‘down the drain’ – German vice chancellor – BBC News

The UK voted to leave the European Union in a referendum vote on 23 June. Mr Gabriel, who is also economy minister in Germany’s governing coalition and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s deputy, told a news conference that as a result, the world now regarded Europe as an unstable continent. ‘Deep trouble’ “Brexit is bad but it won’t hurt us as much economically as some fear – it’s more of a psychological…


Here’s How The AP Should Have Written Its Hillary Clinton Article

On Tuesday, The Associated Press published a sweeping new investigation into the mingling of Clinton Foundation donors and official State Department business. It has since come under fire for conceptual and structural flaws. By limiting its investigation of the Clinton Foundation to specific financial contributions that led to direct and specific benefits for donors, The Associated Press left itself vulnerable to criticism that no verifiable “quid pro quo” could be…


‘Making a Murderer:’ Steven Avery’s lawyer files motion for new DNA tests

(CNN)A lawyer for Steven Avery, the subject of the controversial 10-part docuseries “Making a Murderer, ” filed a motion Friday in a Wisconsin court, asking to get key evidence in the case so it can be tested with new methods. The motion says Avery expects new, advanced tests will prove he didn’t kill Teresa Halbach in 2005. The case became the basis for the documentary, which prompted calls for authorities…


10-year-old girl killed in gruesome murder, mother under arrest

(CNN)Candles, flowers and stuffed animals mark the memorial for a 10-year-old girl, who New Mexico police said was brutally murdered. Three people arrested in the case include her own mother. Victoria Martens had just started fourth grade at an Albuquerque elementary school and celebrated her 10th birthday Tuesday. On Wednesday, she was killed in what police described as a “horrific” crime. According to a criminal complaint obtained by CNN, officers…


Labour leadership: Smith pledges to scrap tuition fees – BBC News

He also promised to build 50,000 “first homes” a year, earmarked for under-30s, which would be rented to first-time buyers at 80% of the local market rent, with the remaining 20% going into a savings pot. “Young people have been let down time and time again by this government,” he said. “Our failure to give the next generation the best start in life is the great scandal of our time.”


7 better for you sandwich spreads | Fox News

(iStock) A popular meal choice, we are a nation who loves sandwiches. In fact, 50 percent of Americans consume a sandwich every day. While no sandwich is complete without the perfect spread, think outside the traditional condiment box. Try one of these seven better-for-you spread ideas and take the nutritional value of your sandwich to a whole new level. Mashed berries instead of jam: While your jam may have pictures…


Pot Twist: Some marijuana activists urge ‘no’ vote on legalization | Fox News

Marijuana Legality by State | InsideGov Some growers told the newspaper they feared the initiative would allow big marijuana companies to dominate the entire supply chain. The group reportedly had threatened to oppose the proposition until drafters included temporary limits on cultivation size. Dale Gieringer says his group, California NORML, backs the initiative but we definitely have reservations. Medical patients are right to be concerned, he said, because it raises…


‘Modern Family’ star Sarah Hyland won’t try online dating | Fox News

Actress Sarah Hyland arrives at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party in West Hollywood, California February 28, 2016. (Reuters) Consider Sarah Hyland a fan of good old-fashioned dating. “I think there’s something special in forming a relationship with just talking,” she told ET in a recent sit-down. “I think communication is really beautiful. It’s the key to any relationship.” The 25-year-old actress is happily dating former “Vampire…


Cop Posts Selfies With Lost Pups To Help Sniff Out Their Humans

Things aren’t as ruff for lost dogs in Massachusetts anymore. Officer Evan Lavigne of the Taunton Police Department is helping pups on the loose track down their owners — but not before snapping cute selfies with them first. After responding to a call about an abandoned dog early this month, he took an off-the-cuff photo he initially intended to share just with his friends. “I thought it was funny, here…


A Quick Lesson On What Trigger Warnings Actually Do

The University of Chicago sent a welcome letter to incoming freshmen, posted online Wednesday, where they made it abundantly clear that they do not support “trigger warnings” or “safe spaces” in classes or on campus. In other words, students who may be susceptible to mental health issues, like post-traumatic stress disorder or panic disorders, are underserving of a warning that a lecture or guest speaker may aggravate those issues or…


Fergusons Police Force May Be Falling Apart In Wake Of Justice Department Agreement

The head of Ferguson’s police dispatch tendered her resignation in a turbulent city council meeting this week, telling city officials that budgeting and staffing constraints have made it impossible to do her job. a letter she had submitted at the time of her Aug. 10 departure“Mistakes are going to happen, someone is going to get hurt, whether a citizen or officer,” she said. “I don’t feel at this point we…


Internet Reacts To Mom’s Plea For Birthday Cards For Son With Autism

A UK mother’s heartfelt request on social media to make her son’s birthday special is going viral around the world. Karen Jones, 49, of Exmouth, UK, was “moved to tears” when her 14-year-old son, Ollie, who has autism, showed her some birthday cards he’d made for himself, the Exeter Express and Echo reports.  Jones took to a local Facebook page to share a photo of Ollie’s self-made cards with this…


12 Reasons Donald Trump Would Not Be Great For ‘The Blacks’

Donald Trump has had an interesting ongoing saga when it comes to his “relationship with the blacks.” It has been a rocky relationship for decades, despite his confidence that black people (like Ben Carson) love him.  “I will be great for African-Americans,” Trump declared in January. But will he really, though? Trump has faced criticism when he initially failed to denounce the KKK, after former leader David Duke endorsed him for…


How to pay less for your prescription drugs, legally

(CNN)Even a not-so-pricey drug can add up to a nightmare expense when it needs to be refilled every month. The $600 price tag on EpiPens, $1,000-per-pill hepatitis C drug Sovaldi and the $750-per-pill price increase on the AIDS drug Daraprim have spurred outrage over pharmaceutical drug costs. To get prescription medicines for less, many people try these six tricks. See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health…


This Striped And Spotted Cat’s Fur Is Mesmerizing The Internet

People can’t get enough of a cat in  Thor the Bengal/Facebook His looks are makinghim the hottestcat celebrity on Facebook and Instagram. Thor the Bengal/Facebook “The funniest thing I read was that people were saying that Thor wasnt real and that we just photoshopped a cat and added a tigers body,” she said. “Of course this isnt true. Thor is real and definitely not photoshopped or anything. There are pictures…


Social media giants “failing” on extremism – MPs – BBC News

The MPs said: “Networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the vehicle of choice in spreading propaganda and they have become the recruiting platforms for terrorism. Terrorists and the support of terrorist activity are not allowed on Facebook and we deal swiftly and robustly with reports of terrorism-related content Simon Milner, Director of Policy, Facebook UK “They must accept that the hundreds of millions in revenues generated from billions of…


Neiman Marcus Sells The Most Bougie Tamales You’ve Ever Seen

We need to talk about the weird gourmet food you can buy on department stores’ websites. After reading about Neiman Marcus charging an insane $92 for tamales, we decided to do some further digging. We didn’t even know Neiman Marcus sold tamales. Apparently, they also sell full on, pre-made meals.  It’s not strange for department stores to sell goods like individually wrapped chocolates, candies, or olive oil with gold flakes in it. Reasonably,…


Anti-Trump Shirt Inspired By America Ferrera Is The Perfect Political Accessory

Here’s one more anti-Trump accessory for the fall, courtesy of America Ferrera.  The 32-year-old actress and some of her “Superstore” cast mates showed up to a live-tweet session in honor of the NBC show’s latest episode, which aired Aug. 19, wearing a “Make America Ferrera Again” T-shirt.   The red shirts took aim at Donald Trump’s own “Make America Great Again” slogan, which has often been accused of having racist undertones.  But Ferrera, who…


Cincinnati Zoo Deletes Twitter Under Barrage Of Harambe Memes

The Internet is not going to let the Cincinnati Zoo forget about Harambe the gorilla anytime soon. The zoo, where workers shot and killed Harambe in May after a 3-year-old boy got into the enclosure, has deactivated its social media accounts due to an unending barrage of memes and jokes about the deceased silverback. In case the very idea of “Harambe memes” is totally new to you, Vox has a good,…


Why A Single-Payer Healthcare System Is Inevitable

The best argument for a single-payer health plan is the recent decision by giant health insurer Aetna to bail out next year from 11 of the 15 states where it sells Obamacare plans.Aetna’s decision follows similar moves by UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest health insurer, and by Humana, another one of the giants. All claim they’re not making enough money because too many people with serious health problems are using…